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People usually pay a visit to a chiropractor for the first time because they are feeling discomfort or pain. Our goal at Pure Chiropractic is to alleviate the pain as soon as possible, but all good relationships should start by building a very good foundation. Before we can handle your symptoms, it's important to adopt a patient historical history and carry out a comprehensive clinical examination. When visiting our office for the first time, expect to spend a couple of minutes of the appointment with your medical doctor before going through treatment.

The Patient History

A detailed understanding of your symptoms and health history

will help us treat you in a more efficient manner. You’ll be required

to fill in a basic questionnaire regarding pre-existing checkup

condition, and your family's health history and health supplier

information. Be ready to respond a few basic questions such as:

  • Where is your pain located?

  • How and when did the pain start?

  • Are you able to describe the pain? Is this throbbing, burning,

       continuous or it’s always irregular, etc?

  • Do specific activities make the pain sensation better or worse?

  • Have you suffered a sporting injury or experienced an auto

       accident recently?

To learn more about your second visit, click HERE..

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