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Kevin Fischer, Chiropractor

Meet The Doctor

Thank you for visiting Pure Chiropractic, your premier New-Jersey destination for high-quality chiropractic care. As a graduate of Southern California University of Health Science, Dr. Kevin Fischer is passionate in delivering drug-free and pain management care   centering around holistic healing and vertebral correction. From migraine headaches relief to injury rehabilitation, Dr. Fischer combines the latest chiropractic adjustment techniques with many years of treatment experience to offer higher pain relief.

Pure Chiropractic, Relieves Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches & much More!

Dr. Fischer provides care for personal injury, auto accident patients, as well as and patients seeking drug-free pain relief from back pain, pregnancy, headaches pain, muscle strains, along with other chronic pain conditions. With a comprehensive training in advanced chiropractic care techniques, including the Thompson technique, Gonstead technique, Distraction technique, Diversify and Torque Release Technique, he draws on this extensive training to supply highly professional treatment. Dr. Fischer is trained on the latest chiropractic adjustment techniques and diagnostic tools, including State of the Art Digital X-Ray and Insight-Subluxation Stations. These are innovative analysis  tools  providing  computerized   treatment  and analysis that allows our chiropractor to precisely identify which area of the spine requires adjustment. After pinpointing this specific subluxation, Dr. Fischer runs a series of quick and specific electrical impulses for precise adjustments.

Say goodbye to pain and hello to a healthy, active lifestyle! Call us at 732-778-8862 to learn more today.

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